Bug Off: Repelling Ticks, Stings & Other Things

Feeling a little stir crazy? At some point, every one of us experience the sensation. Your boss is nagging you. Your loved one reminds you every 5 minutes to finish the “Honey-Do” list. The kids just turned your HD TV into a finger-painted Picasso. Enter the outdoor excursion.

After meticulously planning the trip, the day has come, and you journey to that perfect spot. Initially fussing with a few tent poles, you resurrect your canvas castle. Feeling satisfied, you collect some fire wood and throw up a hammock. Finally, you can sit down, but something is bugging you… Literally.

The ticks march their way up your leg, hell-bent on sucking the life fluid from your body. Drones of kamikaze mosquitoes target your sweet spots, swooping in, as you attempt to swat them into bloody submission. Your peaceful outing turns into a war, as you frantically search for shelter. The insect incursion begins, and you are at ground zero.

So… How can you avoid this scenario? You could slather yourself in DEET, but some reports suggest incorrect application may cause skin irritation, disorientation, dizziness, or in some instances, death. Also, the substance is rumored to cause cancer, but this is unproven.

Another means of repelling those pesky bugs is creating your own spray out of backyard plants, garden herbs, and typical household items. This recipe will help ward off ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests.

To begin the process, collect a handful of the following plants or bark:



Lemon Balm